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TRU is a musical that shines a light into the life of Truman, a man living with mental illness personified as a toxic relationship with the manipulative “Her”. New to the neighborhood, Isla is an artist seeking to rekindle her lost passion and overcome her anxieties. Their paths meet through a shared loss, and Truman and Isla are left to confront their personal struggles together. With the help of those around them, Truman and Isla find the strength to lean on each other, embarking on a journey toward recovery with the help of their family and community.

TRU was selected as a finalist for the 2017 New York Musical Festival and was later workshopped at the 2018 Chicago Musical Theatre Festival where it was awarded “Best Music” and became the first production in festival history to sell out its run. In November of 2019, TRU made its world premiere at Chicago’s Stage 773. Music from TRU is featured on TRU (EP) which is now streaming on all major music platforms.

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In this new musical extravaganza, Mardi Gras meets Manhattan, Bourbon meets Broadway, and the Big Easy meets the Big Apple with San: a re-telling of the stories of esteemed costume designer San Nicholas. This spectacle follows San from his impoverished childhood in the French Quarter of New Orleans in the 1930s, through his rise-and-fall fashion design career on 7th Avenue during World War II, to his eventual return to New Orleans where a new opportunity in Mardi Gras puts his design skills to the test in ways he never thought existed back home, leading to his crowning as the King of Mardi Gras.

With current plans to be work-shopped in 2023, the story of the man responsible for Mardi Gras as it is today will finally be told in the way San Nicholas always dreamed it would be.

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The story follows teenage music nerd Landon (played by Roman Banks) as he collaborates with his best friend Paige (played by Sri Ramesh) on a TikTok song inspired by her favorite book series. Landon’s TikTok goes viral, thrusting him into the spotlight — and leaving Paige behind. When a producer offers Landon the opportunity to adapt the book series into a musical, Landon discovers that the glory of doing it all himself isn’t worth the stress and enlists the help of Paige and the TikTok community to turn the show into a huge success.

For You Paige was influenced by TikTok culture and features many references to TikTok trends and communities. The musical premiered live at a theater in New York City on April 14, 2022. 

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