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TRU Story is a presentation of the "story behind the story and songs" of our original musical, TRU.

TRU has been championed by mental health organizations such as Hope for the Day, The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and The Kennedy Forum for its impactful telling of the relationship between an individual and their mental illness and the importance of community support.

This one hour presentation features several songs from TRU performed by acclaimed artists and an international orchestra, includes conversations with Gosz and Fotos as they unpack the origins of sharing their own mental health journeys through the medium of musical theater, and encourages viewers and attendees to find their own ways to tell their truths. 

TRU Story has been praised as "creative, educational, and highly recommended" by Thy Nguyen, Executive Director of the McCree Center for Life Success at Mary Baldwin University. "Through their narratives, personal experiences, and music, creators David Gosz and Leo Fotos fostered a space for conversations that resonated with our students in a way that I’ve rarely experienced or seen." 

TRU Story Presentation Reel
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TRU Story Presentation Reel
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Lullaby For Her (Excerpt from TRU EP)

Lullaby For Her (Excerpt from TRU EP)

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Mom and Dad (Excerpt from TRU EP)

Mom and Dad (Excerpt from TRU EP)

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Now (Excerpt from TRU EP)

Now (Excerpt from TRU EP)

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Presentation options are flexible and include the following options:

  • Keynote presentation accompanied by live music featuring 3+ performers and a live band with a Q&A to follow

  • Keynote presentation accompanied by live and pre-recorded music featuring 1 performer and a piano with a Q&A to follow

  • Keynote presentation accompanied by pre-recorded music with a Q&A to follow

  • Live-streamed virtual presentation with pre-recorded music and a Q&A to follow

  • Pre-recorded presentation and music with a live Q&A to follow

Please contact us for more information about the various presentation options.

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